Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter – June 2015

Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter – June 2015
June 12, 2015 Operational Excellence Society

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Issue: 2015-6
JUNE 2015

A Message from our Founder…
Effective Arguing; Beware of Logical Red-Herrings
Joseph F Paris Jr
As I am apt to, from time to time, I recently attended a conference on Operational Excellence and Change Management. There were two issues related to one another that came-up time and again from the “Change-Agents” as being a challenge and those were; 1) How do I get the support of management and 2) How do I get people on-board the program.
As we discussed these challenges and how to overcome them, I was struck by how ill-equipped some of the Change-Agents were with effectively arguing their points – or worse, effectively counter-arguing points against their positions and plans.
Arguing (or debating), as opposed to quarrelling, is a necessary and key component of the process of discovery and understanding. Without it, two (or more) people will never achieve a consensus for moving forward. And while straight-up debate based on facts and desired outcomes is preferred, oftentimes, the arguments are manipulative and misleading – a verbal “rope-a-dope” if you will. Such false arguments are referred to as “logical fallacies”.
So, I decided to devote this month’s article to the art of arguing, and specifically, how to recognize and counter these logical fallacies.

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July 8-9, 2015: Amsterdam
Join us as we focus on topics such as lean across back-house functions, creating engagement through respect and honesty and inspiring and shaping your future lean ambassadors. With content streamed by topic and with a thread of level of expertise running through each session to enable delegates to learn in an environment suited to their need.
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Sept 30-Oct 2, 2015:
Atlanta, GA (USA)
The 2015 ELSS Conference combines engineering and education featuring in-depth sessions covering industry topics, academic topics and joint academic/industry topics, as well as extensive networking opportunities where you can build your network and collaborate with peers.
OpEx Society’s Founder, Joseph Paris will be presenting.

Finding Lean in Good Change
By Bruce Hagenau
In the manufacturing sector, and for that matter, in many large organisations across a variety of industries, kaizen is a well-respected approach to improvement. The methodology, whose moniker literally means good change in Japanese, has its origins after World War II. However, based upon many published studies and articles about its adoption, organisations might assume kaizen as a sweeping effort often undertaken by giant corporations with equally large budgets.

Thought Food

Want to Make a Process Improvement Plan Stick? Focus on People.
By Cynthia Owens
So many process improvement plans are dead on arrival. It’s almost like online dating; companies spend millions developing the perfect picture and profile, and yet when the plan meets the actual process, both sides are disappointed.
What happens? People happen.

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CEE Manufacturing Excellence
Awards & Strategy Summit

June 18, 2015: Warsaw
We are proud to announce the 3rd Annual CEE Summit which supports and recognizes manufacturing success in all sectors of the industry. We are expecting over 300 industry professionals and over 100 manufacturing executives to attend.
OpEx Society’s Founder, Joseph Paris will be in serving as a Jury Member.

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