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Issue: 2015-7
JULY 2015

A Message from our Founder…
I say “Tomato”, You say “Pomodoro”
Joseph F Paris Jr
Communication. We talk about how important it is. How critical it is to have in any endeavor in order to move the ball down the field and, ultimately, for success. Yet in almost every instance where there is failure, we can almost always trace back to one of the root-causes for the failure being a lack of communication – more specifically, effective communication.

Because there is almost always a lot of communication, the lack of communication as measured by sheer volume, cannot be the issue. We send emails by the droves until we reach the point where we are not really reading the communique, not really in the moment, but merely skimming the content – with the risk being that we are missing the context. Or we are talking, trying to get a message across or expecting someone to comprehend what that message is, but not really understanding what the counterparty is saying in response (perhaps not really listening). Instead, we are focused on what we are saying, but possibly lacking the patience and empathy (at least at the moment) required for effective communication to occur.

Sifting through data, passing information, and speaking without listening is communicating, but it is it not effective communication.  Effective communication is when people are mutually engaged, in the moment, and working towards an outcome that is clearly understood.

Event Highlights

Oct 13-15:
Budapest, HU
Join us as do a site visit to MOL’s Danube refinery as well as a whole day dedicated to Operational Excellence in the CEE and Turkey region. Case studies will also highlight where investments are being made and how the region is coping and advancing in the current economic climate.
OpEx Society’s Joseph Paris is serving as the Chairman and leading Keynote.
Oct 15-16, 2015: Amsterdam
Attending this summit will enable you to develop a roadmap to emulate the practices of top-performing procurement organisations. The format will be a combination of case study presentations from large multinational enterprises, panel discussions, and workshops; in order to maximise interaction.
OpEx Society’s, Joseph Paris is Chairman and Speaker.

Oct 18-20, 2015:
Manama, Bahrain
This conference has been specifically designed to provide Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and refinery operators a platform to share insight, expertise and knowledge and drive forward operational excellence in a time of extremely tight operating margins.
Sponsored by the OpEx Society. Founder, Joseph Paris will be in attendance and serving as Conference Chairman.

Succeeding With Lean When You Don’t Know Nothin’
By Brian Maskell
It is vitally important for lean people to know nothing when it comes to working towards improvement. This may sound like a crazy idea, and it is a 100% turnaround from traditional management thinking. This article discusses the fundamentals of Lean Thinking, a building block when developing your own true Lean Management System.

We will look at:

  • How lean thinkers go about radically improving their business
  • Engaging everybody to make improvement
  • Increase and capture knowledge

Thought Food

Continuous Improvement Capability: Has the training worked?
By Owen Jones and Rhian Hamer
Continuous Improvement (CI) is a well-established concept within organisations. Many have developed elaborate CI strategies and transformation programmes. However, in our opinion, there is a fundamental problem that advocates of CI need to address. How successful have we been as a CI community in really improving organisational practice and outcomes?

Trust me…I’m an Engineer

Connect with us…

Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas 

September 9-10, 2015: Abu Dhabi
The unprecedented fall in the crude oil prices have led to a huge shift in the dynamics of oil and gas industry with increasing focus on operation excellence. The event will focus on all the major facets of operational excellence.
OpEx Society’s Founder, Joseph Paris has been invited as Committee Chairman and Panel Speaker.

Sept 30-Oct 2, 2015:
Atlanta, GA (USA)
The 2015 ELSS Conference combines engineering and education featuring in-depth sessions covering industry topics, academic topics and joint academic/industry topics, as well as extensive networking opportunities where you can build your network and collaborate with peers.
OpEx Society’s Founder, Joseph Paris will be presenting.

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