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January, 2020

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“Press on! For in the grave there is no work and no device. Press on! While yet you may.

Nathaniel Parker Willis


Founder’s Corner

Leaving a Positive and Indelible Mark



As we get older, it’s interesting what we recall from our youth and the impact it had upon us – even if we didn’t know it at the time. For me, I was blessed with having several teachers who supported me and influenced me a great deal.

There was Ms. Blair, my 3rd grade teacher. She had a habit of confiscating the Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars I brought to class. It wouldn’t be until 9th grade when I had Mr. Blair for history class that I discovered she had kept them all those years and he gave them back to me. That made me hold her, and him, is a much different light and taught me that it’s never too late.
There was Ms. Deluca in 4th grade who let me and a friend commandeer a corner of the class for self-study. I wanted to be a “scientist” and brought in all manner of books and my friend wanted to be a “herpetologist” and study reptiles. The space program was in full stride and I wrote to NASA several times. Each time, they would respond with a package of pictures, pamphlets and patches from the missions that were pending.



by Joseph Paris


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Journey to Business Excellence Conference – 

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Feb 19 | Belfast, Northern Ireland
With the future uncertain you need to be in control of your business growth. The speakers at the conference offer practical advice on how to achieve better outputs, motivate staff, increase profits and create a cultural of continuous improvement. You will also hear from a local company on how they have implemented and benefiting from working with the Invest NI team..
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Four Stages of a Successful Change Project
Heraclitus was wrong: Change is NOT the only constant. The failure rate of change projects remains constant as well, at about 70%.
Every next failure would prompt publishing an article with a comprehensive list of steps to take and pitfalls to avoid in order to succeed – but not the root cause of the problem. In 1995, Dr. John Kotter was close when he wrote in his article “Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail” published in the Harvard Business Review; “that the change process goes through a series of phases <…>. Skipping steps creates only the illusion of speed and never produces a satisfying result.” A year later he published his seminal work “Leading Change” containing his neat 8-Step Process for Leading Change…


by Sergei Brovkin

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JP welcomes
Caroline Bondier – Director, Process Development and Program Management at KONE Corporation and talks about the “KONE Way”; what it is and how it supports the pursuit of the company strategy…


We do another theme-based episode, this time on “New Year’s Resolutions”.  It doesn’t matter whether they are funny or serious ones, but it does matter that your word and resolve is so useless that you can’t keep a promise to yourself.  In that case, you might not even have any resolutions.

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Fail fast, fail small, learn, and move on



Nobody likes to fail. Failing causes us embarrassment. Failing bruises our ego. Failing might be a dark spot on our performance assessments. All we have to do is reflect on our childhood for when we failed and how poorly we felt. Even if our parents did give us encouragement, we still felt bad about failing. Let’s face it – failing sucks.
In most countries, if you fail at business, you carry the stigma of that failure with you for a long time – perhaps forever. The
Economist did a great article entitled ”
European entrepreneurs;
Les misérables” in June of 2012.




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