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Issue: 2015-8

A Message from our Founder…
No Skid Marks: Experiences and Lessons in 30 Years of Business
Joseph F Paris Jr

Thirty years ago this month, in August of 1985, I started my first business, XONITEK Systems Corporation.  It didn’t really dawn on me until I found myself at the David N. Deutsch Saratoga Weekend (aka “Camp David”), which is like a mini (very mini) World Economic Forum (aka “Davos” after the town in Switzerland where it is held).

The theme of this year’s Camp David was “Grow or Go Redux”; in that if you are not planning to grow your business, you should be developing an exit strategy. Fittingly, it was a revisit to the theme of my first Camp David and one that had a significant impact on me.

In between listening to some great brains speak about strategy, finance, and economics; I had the opportunity to reflect upon my own journey.

How did I get to be the person I am today – from what? How did I get to run and grow a business for 30 years? What about the next – well, not 30, but several years? Then what.

Event Highlights

Oct 13-15:
Budapest, HU
Join us as do a site visit to MOL’s Danube refinery as well as a whole day dedicated to Operational Excellence in the CEE and Turkey region. Case studies will also highlight where investments are being made and how the region is coping and advancing in the current economic climate.
OpEx Society’s Joseph Paris is serving as the Chairman and leading Keynote.
Oct 15-16, 2015: Amsterdam
Attending this summit will enable you to develop a roadmap to emulate the practices of top-performing procurement organisations. The format will be a combination of case study presentations from large multinational enterprises, panel discussions, and workshops; in order to maximise interaction.
OpEx Society’s, Joseph Paris is Chairman and Speaker.

Oct 18-20, 2015:
Manama, Bahrain
This conference has been specifically designed to provide Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and refinery operators a platform to share insight, expertise and knowledge and drive forward operational excellence in a time of extremely tight operating margins.
Sponsored by the OpEx Society. Founder, Joseph Paris will be in attendance and serving as Conference Chairman.

Framework and Freedom – The Keys to Building a Better Organization!
By Paul E. Køhn P.Eng
In the past few months I have been cross pollinating my interests. One thread I have been seeing across several of my groups is around the concept of building a better organization.
The topic that has got me thinking is focused on helping organizations Change/Transform more easily. Taking cues from the agile thinkers I have been interacting with, a key component seems to be the idea of being able to adapt quickly. Adapt to market forces, to new technologies, to new ideas, to developing trends… to adapt quickly to Change.

Thought Food

DFSS: A Complex but Worthwhile Deployment
By Thierry Mariani
Not ready for the planned product launch Time-To-Market? Too many warranty recalls? Have you missed the most important detail for your customers? Are any of these your questions? Are these the reasons you are interested in Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)?
If your answer is a definite YES! Then you’d better read further. However, be aware that this is not an easy topic and you’ll need all your attention to grasp the challenge that is ahead of you.

Trust me…I’m an Engineer

Connect with us…

Sept 30, 2015:
Atlanta, GA (USA)
Joseph Paris, esteemed international Writer, Speaker and Founder of the Operational Excellence Society, will be speaking at the Atlanta Chapter. Paris will be presenting on the Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness Model, a tool that all organizations can use to define, pursue, and achieve their unique OpEx goals.

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