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A Message from our Founder…
Effectiveness of Leadership 
Joseph F Paris Jr

I have owned my own business since 1985, so I have been a leader far longer than I have been led.  In fact, I have owned my own businesses for so long (thirty-years this year) that I have often been referred to as “uniquely unemployable”.


I am not certain I would agree though, because I truly enjoy following a leader I admire and respect – and one who inspires me; even though I don’t expect that we will always agree with an assessment of a situation or a course of action.  I probably evaluate a leader and their leadership skills on the “macro-level” rather than on a “micro-level”.  “Big Picture” stuff…

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Event Highlights

February 19, 2015: Amsterdam, NL
Join us for cocktails at the Amsterdam Chapter launch meeting and meet the OpEx Society founder!
March 10, 2015: Atlanta, GA (USA)
Atlanta will kick off their meeting of 2015 With a discussion on changing trends in the Supply Chain industry.

February 19-20, 2015: Amsterdam
Using a mix of case studies, panels and workshops, this summit will give you the opportunity to find best in class benchmarks to identify tools and methodologies for operational excellence.
OpEx Society’s Founder, Joseph Paris will be in attendance as an Expert Speaker and Conference Chairman.
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April 15-17, 2015: Amsterdam
Join us for the 12th year of this information and networking filled event and gain a competitive 
advantage by enhancing your skills and knowledge
about the core of your company.
OpEx Society’s Founder, Joseph Paris will be in attendance as the Workshop Leader.
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The Challenge of Measuring Change Agent Performance; Survey Analysis
By Claire F. Kuhl
Toward the end of 2014, XONITEK and Smart Work | Network, Inc. initiated a joint research project attempting to answer the question “What makes a change agent great?” Because many regular readers of the OE newsletter participated in the initial step of this project, this piece summarizes the findings from our recent survey about measuring change agent performance.  

Thought Food


I would put a picture here, but it would just distract you!
By Alan Langstone
This may be a slightly off topic subject for Operational Excellence, but hopefully you will see that although this article is written from a Safety Professional’s point of view, that there are many areas within operations that this subject could influence and be applied as well.


As you are no doubt aware, traditional safety has been about rules, discipline and pyramids of power and pyramids of data (Heinrich’s Pyramid). The new, Behavior Based Safety (BBS) is about pretty much the same, with added personal responsibility, risk, expectations and a two way flow of communication.

Trust me…I’m an Engineer
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LMJ Board Member and XONITEK’s Chairman, Joseph Paris, returns to discuss the ideas of short term-ism in the business world over continuous improvement.

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