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Issue: 2
February 2014
Paris-B&W-WAW“Operational Excellence is a state of readiness that is attained as the efforts throughout the organization reach a state of alignment for achieving its strategies; and where the corporate culture is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there – to pursue ‘Operational Excellence by Design‘, and not by coincidence.”  -Joseph F Paris Jr; Chairman, XONITEK® Group of Companies


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It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies
We have often heard of Lean being described as a “Journey, not a Destination” – in that the pursuit of an optimal business condition is what is important and that an ideal state is never to be realized.  So how is it then that so many journeys are abandoned or fail to realize their potential – and what can be done to achieve a satisfactory result, or even a level of success?  How can a Lean program be sustained over time?

There is a saying; “Projects consist of scope, timeframe, and budget – I let you pick two, and I get one.”

So, assuming everyone is a capable professional; if you specify the scope and timeframe, I will tell you how much it will cost.  If you specify the scope and budget, I will tell you the timeframe.  And if you specify the timeframe and budget, I will tell you the scope.

My experience has been that most programs are in jeopardy from the very start due to a lack of alignment between leadership and deployment in the mutual expectations that are set.  It is in this regard that more time should be devoted and the difficult and honest conversations had.

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7 Ways to Identify Arrogance vs Humility in Leadership

By Carey Lohrenz

Can you be confident, aggressive, and humble? Yes you can. Unfortunately, humility is often overlooked in leadership discussions. And yet it is one of the most powerful virtues.

As one of the first female F-14 fighter pilots in the U.S. Navy, operating in one of the highest pressure, most extreme environments imaginable, I can assure you that there was more testosterone, more ego and more confidence in one carrier-based fighter pilot ready room than in an NFL locker room.

Hands down. There had to be. This wasn’t a game.

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Mass Spec is Moving to Point-of-Care: Why This Matters to You

By Karen Jahnke & Mark Janeczko

For many of you reading this article, the words mass spectrometry will probably mean nothing. However, in the growing field of healthcare and clinical diagnostics, it is an ever increasing term used in the medical lexicon. Mass Spectrometry is an analytical chemistry technique that has been around commercially since the 1950’s, but really expanded in the mid 1960’s and 1970’s when computers could manage the massive amounts of data generated by these instruments.

Read on to find out why the advances in mass spec may matter to you.

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