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2013: New Year’s Resolutions – Personal Plan, Do, Check, Adjust

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

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My first article for 2012 addressed New Year’s Resolutions and made the argument that they are a critical requirement for any personal Continuous Improvement program and speaks directly to Plan, Do, Check, Adjust.  A year has gone by and I find that I believe in it still.

I resolved that 2012 was going to be The year of getting things done.

As such, I was not going to start any new projects until the countless partially completed projects were fully completed.  The specific wording was:

“Accordingly, I have Resolved that the year’s theme for 2012 will be to emphasize completion over expansion.  I have committed to getting whatever existing projects and action-items I might have to a past-tense state, and to be judicious in adding new projects and action-items so that they are properly prioritized and introduced into the flow in an engineered fashion. They are all important – just some are more important than others.” 

I am pleased to report that this Resolution was largely kept…

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Customer Focused Continuous Improvement – Beyond Words…

By Frederick S. Buchman

Customer Focus – probably the most over-used, misunderstood phrase in business today.  We hear it everywhere… every company is customer focused, every company prides itself on having the highest ratings in customer satisfaction.  More than ever before, companies are spending millions on achieving higher customer ratings.  And yet, Customers are ‘churning’ from one type of TV, phone, kitchen appliance, entertainment system, and even bank to another, and then another.

Clearly, most companies today believe they are ‘customer focused’.  Yet, pursuit of continuous improvement ventures today seem more to focus on revenue growth, market share, profits, cost control & reduction, and stock price.

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Improve or Troubleshoot?

By Takis Kawadias

The usual quarrel in an improving organization is that people must do two things at a time. Solve the daily problems and face the challenges that Lean evolution brings. (By Lean evolution, I mean all those changes that happen to a company, its people, their beliefs and behaviors, during the trip towards a Lean way of thinking and operating). Those challenges are formidable and can wear people out to the point that they abandon the effort and fall back to daily troubleshooting. After all, it’s one thing they know how to do well; it gives them work satisfaction and raises their prestige amongst peers.

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