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Operational Excellence by DesignSM 
Issue: 8
August 2013
Paris-B&W-WAWOperational Excellence is when the efforts throughout the organization are in a state of alignment for achieving its strategies and where the corporate culture is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there –  to pursue ‘Operational Excellence by Design‘ and not by coincidence.”
-Joseph F Paris Jr; Chairman, XONITEK® Group of Companies


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There is a Nail in Your Forehead…
…but I am good with that if you are. 

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies
 My father, who was a manager at International Business Machines (IBM), once told me; “If it were not for the ‘people problems’, management would be easy.” In the world of management, and management consulting, more truer were never spoken. And so is the challenge with most consulting engagements, especially when the words “transformational change” are uttered.

My experience is that the root causes of such challenges and conflicts are a couple-fold – namely “empathy” and “cultural differences”.

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Case Study: Operational Excellence Audits as Key Driver

By Ray Baxter

From 1987 until 2009 I was CEO of Interbake Foods, a food processing company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. We competed in four business segments: Girl Scout cookies, contract manufacturing for branded companies, private label cookies sold to retailers, and baked ingredients for ice cream processors (primarily ice cream sandwich cookies and cones). Interbake had no brands of its own and competed on the basis of operational excellence. To be successful without the power of a brand, we had to be a low cost, high quality manufacturing company with superior customer service.

If we were operationally excellent at those three competitive parameters, we could profitably grow our business. If we failed to achieve operational excellence in any one of those elements, we were doomed to mediocrity or even failure.

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Quality: So what good is it anyway, from an operations perspective?

By Frederick S. Buchman

Okay, we know that ‘Operations types’ focus on production, yield, shipping/receiving of raw material, scheduling, and more production.  They figure their job is to make product, and more product, and continue making product according to the Master Schedule (at the required yield level) in order to make their numbers for the day/week/month.

And they are right.  No doubt, we need these people to do their very best to meet demand, produce to the schedule, and deliver everything. So where does ‘quality’ fit in? 

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The Lighter-Side…
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