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Lean Six Sigma Must Be a Waste of Energy;
The Secret of Innovation: Without Failure, there is no Innovation;
Improving Processes in Large Service Organizations

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September 2012  

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Lean Six Sigma Must Be a Waste of Energy 

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

I was on holiday in August and hope you enjoy this reprint of one of my favourite articles (and also the one with the most positive feedback). Look for me to return next month…

Would you get on an airplane if you knew the flight would fail 25-70% of the time?  What if it was only 1% of the time?  Would you get on an airplane if you knew one out of every hundred (1:100) flights would fail?  That would be a failure rate of approximately one flight per hour, every hour, out of Newark Int’l alone (or that of any other major international airport).

It seems that everywhere I look the message appears to be the same each and every time; Lean Six-Sigma fails.  Depending upon the source, Lean Six-Sigma initiatives might fail 25-70% of the time.  Some even claim that they never fulfill its promise or realize its potential.  In fact, there are so many articles and lectures on how often and how much Lean Six-Sigma fails that it is amazing anyone would even bother trying to implement it, or otherwise select it as a path for improvement.

Yet leaders in business from around the world and across nearly every industry insist that Lean Six-Sigma programs have been wildly successful in their companies and can be as wildly successful in others – even yours.

There is an obvious disconnect; in the story, in the way it’s “told”, in the way it’s deployed and in its ending.  But what might that disconnect be?

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The Secret of Innovation: Without Failure, there is no Innovation

By Andrew Miller

Innovations are commonly thought of as new and game-changing. However, many innovations are improvements on something that already exists. For every invention like the iPod or the television, there is also a faster car or a stronger material that is being produced. All of these are innovations. What’s more important than the type of innovation is creating a culture of innovation within your organization.

I believe there are only two types of innovations: those that work and those that don’t. And there are only two types of organizations: those that succeed and those that fail. As you can imagine, innovation and success are closely linked.

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Improving Processes in Large Service Organizations

By Mike Darrish 

Process improvement in large-scale service sector enterprises is considerably different from and more difficult than in manufacturing processes. Yet, the services sector represents a majority of the economic output of many developed economies including the US, so there are good economic to reasons improve service-based processes. In order to improve them, it is critical to first measure people’s work, but difficult to do so. In large enterprises, the process takes place in parallel in hundreds to tens of thousands of workstations simultaneously; much of the work is intangible, and there are few tools that can measure the work and map the processes accurately.

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