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Healthcare: No End in Sight – Poor Value at Unsustainable Costs;
Taming the Dragon of Operational Un-Excellence;
Case in Point: How Process Improvement Principles Can Save Time in Your Day

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November 2012  

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Healthcare: No End in Sight
– Poor Value at Unsustainable Costs 
By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

Something is seriously wrong…

The healthcare industry as a whole in the United States is corrupt, dysfunctional, ineffective and inefficient.  And regardless of “party affiliation”, everyone appears to share this opinion.  The only real disagreement (and a heated disagreement at that) is what should be done about it, and whether what has been done to date has a chance of working as promised over time.

This article is pragmatic, not political.  It contains anecdotes of my experiences as a recipient of healthcare in the United States versusGermany.  It also contains my experiences and findings in the pursuit of adequate health insurance and the costs of healthcare delivery.  And lastly, it will contain some reasonable (at least I believe they are reasonable) first steps for improvement.

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Taming the Dragon of Operational Un-Excellence

By Duvan Luong, PhD

Legends from medieval times often mentioned the evil dragon – a fearsome creature with destructive power and the tendency to do harm to people that it comes across; that guarded the entrance to a treasure laden palace, a symbol for the ultimate achievement in life. The hero of the legend had to battle his way through and slay the dragon to earn his place in history and live successfully thereafter.

For us to be a legend in the industry, we have to be extraordinarily successful in whatever the measurements are for our business. We have to consistently and constantly create new leading edge technologies and products; and as we are doing so, we have to achieve exceptionally strong revenues, un-imaginable profit, dominate market share growth, have total customer satisfaction and absolute employee loyalty, etc. These are success factors that will propel us to the top of the industry.

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Case in Point: How Process Improvement Principles Can Save Time in Your Day

By Rebecca Goldberg & Elliott N. Weiss

How can executives (or anyone) use what we know about process improvement to make their lives better – as well as improve the lives of everyone with whom they interact? Todd Pearson’s productivity transformation in his home, personal and work life is one in a series of Living Lean vignettes describing the holistic, real-world application of continuous process improvement principles.

Pearson sleeps four hours a night and spends nearly that long in his daily commute; average time spent interacting with his two children younger than 5 amounts to only 90 minutes a day – and he feels tired and lethargic when his children ask for playtime on the floor so they can be with Daddy. His wife, Sarah, is feeling left out of his life. Something must be done.

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The Lighter-Side…
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