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Lean Six Sigma Must Be a Waste of Energy;
Escape the Improvement Trap;
Avoiding Budget Business Insanity

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Lean Six Sigma Must Be a Waste of Energy

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

Paris-B&W-WAWWould you get on an airplane if it you knew the flight would fail 25-70% of the time?  What if it was only 1% of the time?  Would you get on an airplane if you knew one out of every hundred (1:100) flights would fail?  That would be a failure rate of approximately one flight per hour out of Newark International Airport alone (or any other major international airport).

Yet it seems that everywhere I look – every article I read, every subject matter expert to whom I speak and every talk to which I listen – the message appears to be the same; Lean Six-Sigma fails.  Depending upon the source, Lean Six-Sigma initiatives might fail 25% of the time or even 70% of the time.  Some even claim that it never fulfills its promise or realizes it’s potential.  In fact, there are so many articles and lectures on how often and how much Lean Six-Sigma fails that it is amazing anyone would even bother trying to implement it, or otherwise select it as a path for improvement.

Yet leaders in business from around the world and across nearly every industry insist that such programs have been wildly successful in their companies and can be wildly successful in others.

There is an obvious disconnect; in the story, in the way it’s “told”, in the way it’s deployed and in the ending.  But what might that disconnect be?

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Escape the Improvement Trap; What Elite Companies Do to Improve
By Michael Bremer & Brian McKibben

Over the last twenty years, organizations have adopted many different improvement programs – TQM, Re-engineering, Lean, Six Sigma, etc.  Despite working hard to adopt/apply the particular improvement methodology, very few organizations actually experience a true transformation and radically improve their competitive position.  The competitive position typically stays the same since competitors also advance by adopting and applying the same tools in a very similar fashion.As a result when organizations like McKinsey, Bain, and others conduct surveys asking about the success or failure of an improvement effort, 70% of executives rate their initiative a failure.

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Avoiding Budget Business Insanity
By Rehn Nelson     

Budget business insanity in government, public and private sectors is said to be the practice of management trying to reduce cost this year while still using last year’s processes.Today, management “cure all(s)” to lagging performance and rising cost of service is to immediately cut staff, reduce service and acquire a new computerized business system. The real “root” cause is not going to be resolved this way.  What is really lacking is basic business philosophy 101.  Management in government, public and private sectors needs to return to the “basics” of operating a business.

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