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March 2012  

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The Operational Excellence Society

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

Several years ago, I discovered that one of the technology partners of my firm had a nickname for me – it is “CJ”.  For the life of me, I could not figure-out how they came-up with that as a nickname.  I mean, my brother’s name is Christopher John – so that would actually make some sense.  But he never worked with me at the firm and there is no way anyone would confuse the two of us.

So the mystery remained for some time – until one day, I was able to coax (coerce?) one of the employees of the technology partner to give-up the secret.  He confided in me that “CJ” was short for “Crazy Joe”.

I laughed out loud.  Then, of course, asked why?

He proceeded to tell me that everyone at the company believes me to be crazy and offered several examples as to why.  Almost always, it was some story (all true) of some idea I had that was definitely outside the box.  How I would: enthusiastically argue the idea, be rebuffed, tell top management they lacked strategic vision, proceed to do it anyway without their support, and be successful.

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Aligning Personal Brand with Corporate Brand
By Prof. Hubert Rampersad, PhD   
Increasingly, successful companies are beginning to recognize that good brand relationships with their employees are more important than good brand relationships with their customers. They understand that employees should be happy first in order to make the customers happy and that corporate brand loyalty starts with employee’s engagement. This can be realized by aligning the employee’s brand with the corporate brand.

Alignment is needed, because staff members don’t work with devotion or expend energy on something they do not believe in or agree with. This article proposes a successful method to realize this.

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Is Breakthrough a Dirty Word?
By Charles E. Smith, PhD     
The history of fuel economy standards in the US automobile industry is an excellent example of typical resistance to Breakthrough.  It portrays how yesterday’s environmental obstruction is today’s common sense.

Read on for a history of Breakthroughs in the face of Resistance.

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