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The Gemba Beyond the Window;
How to Deliver the Full Potential of a Lean Six Sigma Initiative;
Email Management is not the problem. Management is.

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June 2012  

Operational Excellence by Design

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The Gemba Beyond the Window

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies


I love the smell of machine oil.  I love to hear the clanging and clanking of machinery in operation.  I love the banging when one machine hammers away at a piece of metal to form it into something new or the high-pitched “whir” of a loom or spinner in operation.  And I love the way huge apparatus groan and creak, as if they are alive and straining under the pressure of the heavy load they are bearing.

I especially enjoy watching the people hard at work creating things that other people will use.  To watch an inspector strain under a magnifying glass or microscope to make sure the product is to specifications; or the whizzing around of the forklifts and the occasional and unique “beep-beep” to let them know they are coming through; or the machine operators as they watch the mechanical monsters that are their charge toil away; precisely, steadily, relentlessly.

Indeed, there is nothing like walking around a shop floor and just observing man and machine.

A person can tell a lot about a business’ operations, culture and its health just from walking around the shop floor.  When I walk a shop floor (or warehouse) I can almost precisely predict which companies are destined for success and which ones are bleeding cash or on the “morphine drip” – on the path to their demise.  In Lean, we call walking the shop floor by a person in management, a “Gemba” walk; or walking “the real place”.

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How to Deliver the Full Potential of a Lean Six Sigma Initiative

By Anne Ponton

As Operational Excellence professionals, we are all dedicated to eliminating waste from the processes we aim at improving. Yet, are we eliminating 100% of our own wastes? Are we leveraging the full benefits of what we are doing? Are we, ourselves, guilty of the 8th waste (waste of opportunity) as we are not always delivering the full potential of what we could?

I have come across many testimonies, articles and discussions focusing on how to improve our customers’ processes, but not so many dealing with how to improve our own process to improve.

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Email Management is not the problem. Management is.

By Michael Hoffman    

It is time for the top leadership in organizations of all sizes to recognize that an ad-hoc approach to managing e-mail is highly inefficient and an enormous drag on human resources. E-mail management: the prioritization, planning and archiving of e-mail should be systemized and standardized in every organization.

Clearly, the most important prerequisites to improving a dependable system are, first, actually having a system; and second, having a system that you implicitly trust. Confidence in the integrity of the system is of paramount importance. Without it we are tempted to believe that our system is situational rather than consistently stable.

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