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July 2012  

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8.5 “Must Know” Career Tips & Tricks 

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

One of the most favourite things I get to do is being involved in academia; especially being able to mentor students as they embark upon their careers.  It is one of the very best ways of which I can think to “give back”, or even “pay it forward”.  And it is usually this time of the year – when students are recently graduated and looking for that first, entry-level job in their chosen profession where I get the most requests for guidance.

The conversations usually follow a typical pattern…

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Managing Construction Risk Through Pre-Operational Planning

By Peter G. Furst

Discrepancies in performance, losses or incidents happen, but are they accidents? Has the organization really stopped to analyze why projects or processes are experiencing disruptions, inefficiencies, accidents and losses? Why are workers not meeting expectations or getting hurt in spite of standards, programs, policies, procedures, training, and possibly everyone’s best efforts? How can the situation be remedied without expending considerable time and resources? What can be done to reduce deviation from good practices and organizational expectations so as to improve performance reliability and optimize the bottom line?

These are important considerations which need to be addressed in a time when industry is under greater pressure to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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The Dangers of Complacency

By Rehn Nelson    

What does a car, a business or a person have in common?  I had never given it much thought until I recently went to start my car after work, which has 100,000 plus miles, and found that as soon as I took my foot off the accelerator it would quit.  I had been noticing over the past several months and especially when I tried to run the air conditioning that if I was to decrease speed, the car would begin to run roughly; when I would stop the car would nearly stall.  I found that I could basically ignore the situation by shifting into neutral or turning off the air conditioning and slightly depressing the accelerator.

I had been opting to simply become complacent and was basically using “work around” or “substitute processes” to operate the car.

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The Lighter-Side…

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