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Whoosh… THUMP!;
Design of a Continuous Improvement Glossary Based Audit System;
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October 2011

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Whoosh… THUMP!

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies


Industrial Engineers and Continuous Improvement Professionals devote a lot of energy – and look at many ways – to make stuff better, faster, cheaper, more reliably.

We use the various approaches, procedures and methods available in the discipline of Lean Six-Sigma – collectively known in the industry as the Lean Six-Sigma Toolkit – to help us improve the making of our stuff.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate all sources of friction and to create a continuous flow where the creation of our stuff goes WHOOSH through production and straight through to delivery.

THUMP! What was THAT?!

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Design of a Continuous Improvement Glossary Based Audit System

By Martin M. Stein, D.Sc. & Shiona Kamermans   

Recently, technical discussions at a recent company revealed that there were four different meanings for the term “uptime“. In addition, at another global manufacturer, four plants in the same country utilized different definitions of OEE.  All too often, the data sources used as well as the variable definitions and computational procedures are different. Also, plants tend to develop their own excel/access tools.

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Follow the 5% / 75% Rule

By Vivian Hairston Blade

For years, Jason has been an avid exerciser. Running and weight lifting frequent his routine.   With such an active exercise regimen, energizing music is definitely required.  A few years back, those clunky, skip-prone CD walkmans were the newest craze, but they just didn’t cut it for exercise!

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