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Know Your Score…And Get to the Sweet Spot;
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November 2011

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Inspiration for Innovation

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

Paris-B&W-WAWI enjoy guest lecturing at University.  In fact, it is one of my most favourite things I do.

I believe what I enjoy most is the optimism and energy of the students.  They are far too young in their careers to have been tarnished by the pragmatism, and even cynicism, of “real life” – or to have had their ambitions squelched by a jealous manager whose best days are past.

Of course they have little to lose by taking risks – even reckless risks. They don’t have a spouse or family.  They don’t have a mortgage or other serious obligations.  They don’t have to worry about their children’s college tuition, health issues, retirement or even having a sufficient “moat” around their castle to protect what they have from life’s quirks.

No.  At this stage in their careers, anything and everything is possible – the world is their oyster and they can piss over a boxcar.  There are nearly an infinite number of “do-overs” available to them.  It’s a great time in their lives.

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Know Your Score…

…and Get to the Sweet-Spot  

By Ron Suber    

It is critical that business process maturity and automation evolve over the life of a fund in a disciplined and forward-looking manner as they are key components to maintaining a scalable business. As a firm grows, processes that are maintained manually or with home-grown spreadsheets will stress and may break, adding business risk and overhead to a firm’s operations. This concept is especially important for fund managers because they cannot afford distractions and errors caused by broken or manual processes that affect the viability of the fund.

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Setting the Course for Recovery

By Gary Wood

For the foreseeable future, ERP and Operations Managers will journey through a dynamic business landscape that defies long-range planning. The obstacles to stability in operation planning are many and include dead inventory, customers who have disappeared, customers’ customers that have changed; credit is difficult and key employees have been released. The list can go on, but the resounding challenge is that in recovery a new landscape will emerge and to build a sustainable business on a solid foundation, a back to basics process combined with new tools must be embraced.

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