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July 2011

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Euro Dogma or Greek Drachma?

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies


The nation of Greece is bankrupt.

Let’s just say it plainly and simply.  Let’s not use “poli-speak” words aimed at soothing the sting or trying to maintain someone’s self-esteem such as; “insolvent”, or “challenged”, or “bust”.

But the “root cause” of the present crisis in Greece is not to be found in finance – this is only a symptom as much as it is a clash of cultures.  The Greeks, and as a result Greece, embrace traditions and live a lifestyle that is incompatible with the countries who are the primary economic drivers of the Eurozone.

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Change or Perish;

The future is guaranteed to no one.

By Stephen Long, PhD

Ahh, consultants! Purveyors of ideas, concepts and theoretical models.  As I am considered a member of this distinguished fraternity, I realize that at times we might create more problems than solutions.

Take change, for example. Most clients want projects completed quickly at the lowest cost possible. Many consultants bow to this pressure by suggesting a massive reengineering solution. Just shuffle the organizational chart a little, apply a global matrix, adjust the IT system, and voila! You’ve got change!

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High-Performing Organizations & Lean Six-Sigma; Achieve Dramatic Results 

By Carey “Vixen” Lohrenz

80% of all Continuous Improvement programs fail. Ouch!

That’s a lot of time, money and energy down the drain!  How do you prevent this from happening in your organization?  Unite the existing powerful disciplines of Lean Six Sigma and High Performing Organizations for easier change management, sustainable outcomes, and rapid, dramatic gains.

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