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Rudyard Kipling;  Adventurer, Author, Poet…
– and a Pioneer of Operational Excellence

By Joseph F Paris Jr;  Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

From time to time, I enjoy a good read of “the classics”.  So I recently picked-up a copy ofRudyard Kipling‘s book “Just So Stories”.  It’s a book of short stories (very short stories).  One of the stories is entitled “The Elephant’s Child” and at the conclusion I came across a poem which spoke of “Six Honest Serving Men” and pays homage to the “Five W’s (and one H)” – a formula for getting the “full story”.

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Managing Expenses in a Six-Sigma Way

By Raman Pushkar
Many of us have experienced the pinch of money from time to time. We earn a greater income, yet our expenses seem to be proportionally scaling to the same heights, regardless of inflation, cost of living and other exceptions. It’s not just being frugal that can minimize our expenses – money management is just as, if not more important.  So why can’t Six Sigma be utilized in this situation as it is has been widely accepted and implemented across many Industries for quite some time now?

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The Cost of Complexity

By Derek Thomason
Recently, whilst working with the Global Planning Team of a major oil company, we were asked, “What is the cost of complexity and what is the effective range on this cost?”  At one level, the answer is easy; “It is the cost associated with having more than one customer and product.  The more complex the supply chain, the higher the overall cost per unit supplied.”  They then said, “Yes, but how do I know how much my costs will go down if I take products out of complexity?”  There isn’t a simple answer to this question.

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