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November 2010

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What is the True Cost of Outsourcing?

By Joseph F Paris Jr;  Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

People are naturally seduced by a “deal”.  We gravitate to signs in stores and on billboards that proclaim, “50% off” or “Buy-one Get-one”.  We like to think that we are paying far less for something that we have a right to – that somehow we got the “better” of our opponent.  And we take a smug comfort thinking that we are so much smarter and savvy than our friends and peers.

But is it as good a deal as it looks?

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How a Dashboard Transformed Technical Leads

By Rita Hadden
Alpha Corporation is an influential, complex regulatory organization where technical leads have been turned into effective project managers using a simple data-driven dashboard.  Getting project managers to consistently report their weekly status, finding a more effective way to give stakeholders the visibility they wanted into projects, and paving the way for a project oversight process that was better distributed, were high priority issues to be tackled at Alpha Corp.

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Sustainable Transformation

By Charles E. Smith, PhD
The Canadian Division of a global food manufacturer saved 28 million dollars in eight months, and saved several plants from closing, despite their high cost of production in an underutilized manufacturing system. It all began when the senior management stopped resisting what the workforce had to say. They returned to zero and started to listen.
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