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– A cross-disciplinary approach in the pursuit of perfection. 


Symposiums: Operational Excellence in the EU
“A Frictionless World”
Top-Notch Keynotes By Industry Champions

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May 18th; London, United Kingdom

May 20th; The Hague, Netherlands

May 25th; Warsaw, Poland

May 27th; Frankfurt, Germany


Bridging private-industry, academia and government – events will address leveraging Operational Excellence (Lean, Six-Sigma and Leadership) in driving stakeholder value though business optimizations (transformational organization change), efficiencies (execution and realization), and the pursuit of perfection (continuous improvement).


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“Last year’s Xonitek EU summit was definitely worth going to. It helped me to improve my lean vision further. They had some great key note speakers covering a range of different topics (methodology, culture change, roll out,…)  On top of that, my personal network extended significantly during and after the summit. I look forward to the 2010 edition.”
Koen Hendricks – Responsable Logistique Operationnelle at Danone; Lesquin, France


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Everything Wonderful is a Surprise

By Charles E Smith, PhD 
I’ve spent a good part of my life making lists, setting goals, making plans and calling people up.  Mostly, it’s been a waste of time.  Some years ago, I sold my company and in leaving, went through years of records, lists, plans, goals and phone calls.  Nothing had come of almost all of them.  Still, we had thrived, survived, and gone about our business more or less successfully.  I began to wonder what was really going on.  If most of my planning had made no difference, what did make a difference?  Was good fortune a matter of leaving the window open so blue birds might fly in?  Was most of the world’s strategy and planning really bunk, no more than a way of suppressing anxiety about the future?  Without my lists I felt shaky.  Maybe that’s all they were good for.

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The Plate Spinner 

By Victor Urbach
Do you remember Eric Brenn, the plate spinner who often performed on the Ed Sullivan Show?  Eric Brenn was an amazingly talented performer who came on stage with a stack of dinner plates and a bunch of long poles. He’d set one plate spinning on top of a pole, then another, then another, until a dozen were going at once. Out of the corner of his eye he’d spot a plate starting to slow and wobble, and he’d dash over to it, furiously spinning it up to speed again. Then he’d spot another and run over to spin it up. Now THAT’s entertainment.Click here for full article.

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