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There Must be a Better Way!

By Joseph F Paris Jr
20's cropHow many times have we heard this?  How many times have we said it?


Personally, I am certain that I say this more than once per day.  Sometimes it’s out of frustration, sometimes it’s out of amazement, sometimes it’s just a moment where I give a look and think, “You gotta be kidding me”– it’s the same look my dog gives me when I am talking to her like she can understand me.

I am also certain that if this statement is ever spoken or thought, then there IS a better way – it just has to be discovered AND implemented.

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Building Operational Excellence

By Andy Spooner

The crash in the economy is 
requiring everyone to re-evaluate their position and make decisions on what they need to do differently. For many, it will require a fundamental re-thinking of how to go about business; the challenge is to plan and ride out the immediate need for survival and develop a strategy to exploit the opportunities that still exist.Click here for full article.


Why Lean Fails

By Darrell Casey
Global competition is at such a dynamic level that any day lost without operations improvement imperils the company’s economic livelihood.  To out pace the aggressive environment, companies must create a competitive advantage that establishes greater stakeholder value through radical improvements in product and process.  One of the most prominent methods currently being utilized by many companies to create these enhancements is Lean.

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Effectual versus Efficiency

By Mark McGregor
Many people are positive about chasing out waste and reaping the benefits it would bring.  However, this can be a cause for worry.  Even though many people remember damage caused by previous cost cutting campaigns, they still see cutting waste as a technique to increase efficiency.

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