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On Oranges versus Ideas

By Joseph F Paris Jr, President

I truly love my career – well, most of the time and in most aspects of it anyway.  I enjoy the thrills of running my own consultancy firm and being in command of my destiny – even when (perhaps especially when) I need to react to the unexpected.  It seems that I am at my very best when things are at their very worst – or when there is some other significant challenge where I have to make a bold and decisive decision (though not always the right decision).


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A Fly in the Ointment

By Charles E Smith, PhD 
There is a fly in our national ointment. Government is so expensive, bureaucratic, inefficient and procedural that it suppresses personal freedom and wastes money.

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How to Be a Business Mensch 

By Victor Urbach

Even though this article has a “How to” in the title, it’s more of a rant than a guide. I’m really disgusted by the lack of courtesy and humanity in the business world these days: urgent messages ignored… favors never acknowledged… passive-aggressive behavior in the conference room… promises broken

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