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The Most Charitable Form of Leadership.

By Joseph F Paris Jr;  Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

The best way to accelerate your personal and professional growth is by seeking and engaging mentors.  These “Sherpa’s” can be invaluable during your life journey.  They can help you snap into focus your dreams and help facilitate their pursuit.  And they can help you see opportunity and avoid hazards.  You can learn from their experiences – they have made the mistakes you are about to make – and thus lessen your tuition to “Life University”.

But there is one very important catch –

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Change Happens:  Get over it – get on with it!

By David Bovis
Resistance happens on a psychological level. People form personal comfort zones and if you ask them to move toward something uncomfortable, they will invariably offer resistance. Sometimes the resistance persists and in some cases, the change initiative fails before it even gets off the ground. This can be massively expensive and disruptive and I’m sure we can all recall such experiences in our own organizations.

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Operational Excellence 
– Through Emotional Excellence

By Patrick Veenhoff
People will always do what they want; free will can be a beauty. If not immediately, they will after a while when they decide that their situation is not acceptable. This decision will be based on their values being disregarded by their environment or having to do things in ways that doesn’t come naturally to them. Rather than telling people that they should shape up or ship out, assess their natural thinking preferences and harness their innate gifts.

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