2009-Sep; XONITEK eNewsletter, Operational Excellence by Design

2009-Sep; XONITEK eNewsletter, Operational Excellence by Design
September 17, 2009 Operational Excellence Society
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– A cross-disciplinary approach in the pursuit of perfection. 

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XONITEK Sponsors Symposium

Business Survival in the New Economy
September 24th – Scranton, Pennsylvannia
Many midsized global companies are looking to streamline operations, reduce business and IT costs and grow customer lifetime value.  To achieve these goals companies must transform themselves to create a new type of workplace that has transparency and visibility, improved customer intimacy and greater employee productivity.
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XONITEK’s Paris to Deliver Keynote Address at Industrial Congress


October 8th thru 10th – Monterrey, Mexico

Joseph F. Paris, Jr. , President of XONITEK Corporation, will serve as a keynote speaker at the 16th Annual Industrial Congress (Congreso Industrial XVI) at the Technologico de Monterrey (ITESM) in Monterrey, Mexico.  Mr. Paris’ keynote – entitled “Accelerating into an Uncharted Future” – will speak to a renewed emphasis on innovation to overcome the status quo towards a better future.
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XONITEK to Sponsor WCBF Six-SigmaSolutions Conference in Florida

October 13 thru 16th:

4th Annual Global Lean, Six-Sigma, and Business Improvement Summit & Industry Awards Conference

WCBF-LogoThe conference presents an unrivalled speaker panel headlined by top business authors Al Switzler and Norman Bodek, complimented by an outstanding speaker panel of industry leaders, CEOs and first-class Deployment practitioners addressing Lean, Six Sigma and process excellence for innovation and outstanding performance including Steven Bonacorsi of XONITEK.
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About the WCBF

Why Things Work – The Merlin Navigator

By Charles E. Smith, Ph.D.
RocketExplodesThe world is littered with examples where once promising opportunities became a source of ongoing disappointment and loss.  What once seemed like a bold step forward only yields pain, embarrassment, waste, lost profit, employee rebellion – as well as investor disappointment and rage.

Sound Familiar?

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From “Metric” to “Magnificent” 

By Vivian Hairston Blade
A great many companies measure and report the purported satisfaction or loyalty of their customers.  However, the ‘metric’ is just the introduction to the many stories your customers have to tell.
The real power is inside these stories and what you do with them in order to go from customers being merely ‘satisfied’ to being ‘active promoters’ of your brand.
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President’s Corner

20's crop
Gastronomically Around the World in 80 Days

I have traveled quite extensively over the past several months – both domestically and internationally.  And this has given me the opportunity to experience a wide variety of peoples, their cultures – and especially thier foods.

But what really caught my attention at many of these exceptional restaurants was the outstanding customer service – and I found myself enjoying the entire experience as much as the food itself.
So in life – instead of “stopping to smell the roses”, I would encourage you to “stop and smell the haggis”
Read on for my favourite dining experiences…


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