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June 2009


XONITEK Partners with Pronto!
ProntoXONITEK is very pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with Pronto Software – a world class leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.
With Pronto, XONITEK will have a complete business solution offering to support our larger and multi-national clients.
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About Pronto Software

XONITEK to Sponsor WCBF Six-Sigma Solutions Conference in Florida

October 13 thru 16th:

4th Annual Global Lean, Six-Sigma, and Business Improvement Summit & Industry Awards Conference

WCBF-LogoThe conference presents an unrivalled speaker panel headlined by top business authors Al Switzler and Norman Bodek, complimented by an outstanding speaker panel of industry leaders, CEOs and first-class Deployment practitioners addressing Lean, Six Sigma and process excellence for innovation and outstanding performance including Steven Bonacorsi of XONITEK.
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About the WCBF

What is Six-Sigma?

By Steven Bonacorsi
The concepts surrounding the drive to Six Sigma quality are essentially those of statistics and probability.  In simple language, these concepts boil down to, “How confident can I be that what I planned to happen actually will happen?”  How close we come to delivering on what we planned to do.
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Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without it.
By Tony Kujawa
Is email out of control in your organization? Are you frustrated that your employees seem to be constantly ‘using email’ and not focusing on the important issues?  At the same time, do you feel that the issue is not strategic enough to warrant your detailed attention – that it can’t be a top management concern?

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ERP & Technology

When Tax Revenue Goes Down…

…Audits Go Up.

by Robert W. Clarke

Many people would rather have a root canal than undergo a tax audit – but it’s a fact that when the tax revenue declines as a result of a recession, tax audits increase.   With the number of audits on the rise, increasing numbers of business owners and individuals may have to endure a visit from the taxman.  So now it is more important than ever to prepare yourself and protect your business.
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Working on the Web…

By Ed Giles
Have you noticed the plethora of web apps lately?  Whether you need something for your desktop or your mobile device, it seems that no matter what the situation, a web app can be procured to handle it.  Lately, the mobile market has been the target of most of the web apps that we are becoming familiar with and in many cases, depend upon.

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President’s Corner

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Mission Accomplished
To maximize your potential for success – and limit the downside of any stumbles – you must continually assess the situation and react to the ever-changing dynamics of the mission.
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Additions to the XONITEK Team

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Tom Osborn (US)
We would like to welcome Tom to the XONITEK team as Director of Business Development for the ERP & Technologies Group.

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