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July 2009

XONITEK Telephone Numbers Change
XONITEK Leverages East of England International for EU Expansion
The Bottom Line for Customer Experience? 

Renewable Energy Credit 

The tax incentives provided for qualifying renewable energy projects under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 include production tax credits, investment tax credits, and refundable cash grants.  These incentives permit a range of transaction structuring options for qualifying projects, including the ability to step up the basis of a self-constructed project from construction cost to fair market value by entering into a sale/leaseback or partnership structure.

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by Anneloes Cordia


President’s Corner

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Lean Six-Sigma Notepad

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Steven Bonacorsi

A flowchart is an outline or schematic drawing of the process your team is trying to measure or improve. It can also be a picture of an ideal process that you would like to use.

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