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February 2009


6th Ranked Business Partner!
In keeping with a trend that spans decades,XONITEK Corporation has once again been recognized as a “Top Performing Partner” forExact Software, and has achieved the ranking as the #6 Business Partner for Exact Software.

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Paris to Deliver Keynote Address

March 9-11, 2009 – Houston, Texas

Joseph F Paris Jr
, President ofXONITEK Corporation, has been named the lead Keynote Speaker to kick-off the conference.

In addition to Paris, there will be other speakers and workshops by nationally recognized experts from industry leaders such as: BP, Suncor, Bayer, Ineos, Honeywell Geismar, Nova Chemicals, SABIC, EVONIK Degussa, LyondellBasell, Air Liquide, Strategic Works Systems, International Paper, Allied Reliability, KurMeta Group, Reliability Management Group, and Menawat.

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Eliminate Unnecessary Customer Calls

By Kelvin F. Cross
Are your call center costs way too high?  Are your customers’ experiences way too low?  Poor customer care is not only pervasive and widely publicized, but seems to be getting worse.  But far worse are the companies where the customers are frantic and frustrated.  After a bad service experience they leave, tell everyone they know, and broadcast their disillusionment over the Internet.  Is there a way where everyone can benefit?

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Engine Fire In-Flight: Now What?

By Matt “Boom” Daniel
Established and documented work processes are not just for safety or emergency situations.  They have made their way into industries and situations where it has been assessed that it is important to get it right.  In SIX SIGMA and LEAN efforts, checklists are alive and well in mistake-proofing (Poke Yoke) the environment.  Checklists are part of life in MANUFACTURING, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, and in the MILITARY.  Can your operations department, shift, or work cluster consistently land safely when both of your engines are crippled?

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Customer Calls Reliability 360; Addressing Future Challenges @ the Speed of Light?

by Philimar Menard

Risk calculations are not easy, but necessary.  And stale, ideology, rigid and outdated guidelines, bureaucracy, the good old boy system, and yesteryears glory days will not propel your company forward.  The skills required are not something you can get over-the-counter, via a book, or some clever tool.  What is required is an extremely disciplined skillset that requires years of crafting by connecting the dots and staying abreast of this fast changing world.
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Technology & ERP

A Value Proposition:

Managing Costs with ERP

by Edwin Giles

A value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer gets from using products or services; results that speak to critical issues being faced.  That being said, what kind of tangible results do we see in ERP?

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 If you have any questions or comments related to the articles contained in this publication, please contact Trinity DeMars at DeMarsTK@xonitek.com.

President’s Corner

“So – Are you telling me you’re going out of business?…”Why are companies who remain profitable and not burning through cash not taking the opportunity to improve their position?
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Engagement of the Month

White Paper 
Taking a company founded in 1860 that transported goods around Manhattan with a single horse and buggy into the 21st Century was a challenging proposition – one that XONITEK was ready to tackle.

Paris Discusses OpEx

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