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Start Building a Better Future Today…

By Joseph F Paris Jr
20's cropWhat a difference a year makes…  Looking back at my last year’s Holiday article – I called 2008 “The year of quicksand”.  I made several references to the rip-saw in the economy and the plummet of almost every known economic indicator.  Some pundits were even speaking of an “economic Armageddon”.  Everything is still not back to the “before” – with the then ever-climbing housing prices and stock portfolios and with real unemployment near zero.  Perhaps it never will be – and perhaps it should have never been in the first place.

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Finding & Managing Bottlenecks in Process Plants

By Peter L King
One of the primary objectives of Lean is to achieve smooth continuous flow of material through the process.  If there are bottlenecks within your process, they can inhibit flow, cause inventories, and prevent throughput from matching customer demand (Takt).  From a purely financial point of view, bottleneck management can reduce inventory which in turn reduces operating cost and increases throughput, therefore increasing revenue and profitability.

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How Power Leaders Achieve the Impossible 

By Stephen Long, PhD
The practice of power is characterized by the ability to initiate and sustain action and is demonstrated by converting intention into action. Power Leaders commit people to action and convert followers into change agents.

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To Build a Team – You Must Become a Leader

By Robert W Clarke

I am a big advocate of leadership development.  I study it and push leadership development through all I do in life.  I once read that General Dwight D. Eisenhower was asked how he managed to lead such a diverse group of people to work together to win Europe from the Nazis.  He answered, “Sir, it is one team, or we lose.”

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