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April 2009


EU Operational Excellence Summit
May 16th, Amsterdam in The Netherlands
Bridging private industry, finance, academia, and government; XONITEK is pleased to host a Summit on Operational Excellence at the NH Barbizon Palace Hotel in Amsterdam.
In addition to the opportunity to network with industry experts and like-minded professionals – the discussions will address leveraging Operational Excellence (Lean, Six-Sigma and Leadership) in driving stakeholder value though business optimizations (transformational organization change), efficiencies (execution and realization), and the pursuit of perfection (continuous improvement).

Upcoming Events of Note:
May 30 thru June 3rd:IIE Logo
Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)
Annual Conference and Expo
Doral Golf Resort and Spa, Miami, FL

Industry managers, top-notch researchers and outstanding educators reveal creative and innovative solutions at the Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Conference and Expo 2009, an event open to all involved in process improvement, at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami, Florida.  The conference includes research presentations from more than 700 individuals representing industry and academia; plus, more than 80 industry-focused practical solutions, keynote speakers, awards, simulation competition, facility tours, networking, student events and everything about industrial and systems engineering you could ask for and more.

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Leadership for the Business Battlefield

By Matt “Boom” Daniel
Titles and job descriptions should all project leadership and a discipline of execution.  For example, Marines rarely use the word manager. They say “leader” instead.  They rarely say “director” or “supervisor.”  They say “commander.”  These small details are culture builders that can make the difference between a good place to work and a great place to grow.

How to Change People

By Patrick Seaton
The one question I am asked more frequently than any other is, “How can you get people to change?”  Many managers and business owners I talk to seem to be stumped by this question.  They feel that people often resist change in order to keep things status quo, which is often motivated by fear of change.

ERP & Technology

How Technology Can Encourage the Human Element

by Robert W. Clarke, Mike Borzumate & Barry Livsky

 Much has been written on the mechanics of using social networking and collaborative community environments to develop a pipeline of contacts for business development activities.  Rather than deliver more “best practices” on this topic, we decided it would be more useful to discuss a few personal experiences thus demonstrating the practical results of effectively applying technology.

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Urban Nomads:  Freedom to Roam

by Edwin Giles

Computing is more mobile now than ever, and will continue in this trend.  The major advantage of mobile computing over traditional systems is the mobility it affords with access to data and business functions anywhere. The question is will you leverage this concept to your advantage?

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President’s Corner

“Too Big to Fail?”
When does a company become too big to fail and by what standards?  How can the casual passer-by – not to mention the learn’d industry or government analyst – tell when a company poses too great a risk?

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Engagement of the Month


ESPN Radio Talk Show

 “Business BattlefieldFrom the Ready-Room, with Matt “Boom” Daniel
Paris joins Grunt, PLinc, Google and show host Boom in the“Ready Room” to discuss Operational Excellence, leadership, reading lists, and white robes.

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Special Report

A Primer on the Global Carbon Markets
By Norman Bernstein
The Kyoto Protocol by its terms ends in 2012.  A plan adopted at the Bali conference lays out the procedures to be implemented to achieve a post-Kyoto agreement over the next year and a half with a new agreement being reached in Copenhagen in 2009.  There is little doubt that the carbon markets will continue to evolve, expand and provide investment opportunities while over time reducing global carbon emissions.

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