Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way

Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way
Genres: Lean Six Sigma, Sales, Marketing
Publisher: Kaplan Business
Publication Year: 2006
ASIN: 0615751881
ISBN: 9781419521508

Quality management. Process mapping. Speed to production. In the past 50 years, a rigorous, measurement-based methodology called Six Sigma has brought production management to previously unimaginable levels of success and sophistication. Top corporations such as Motorola and GE have built their reputations, products, and revenues using this approach. Indeed, Six Sigma has found widespread application in every significant industry and business—except marketing and sales. In Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way, sales and quality guru Michael Webb shows how to blend marketing and sales efforts with the cutting-edge methods of Six Sigma to boost their bottom lines. With Webb’s book as a guide, readers learn to engineer rapid routes to customer value, accurately predict future revenue, and ensure return on investment for their projects. In Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way, you will: * Find out why "the usual fixes" for sales problems don't work * Meet executives who have used Six Sigma to imrpove marketing and sales results * See the pitfalls that await the unwary when applying process improvement in sales * Learn how to introduce Six Sigma to sales and marketing professionals * Discover through examples and cases how to manage sales as a process Webb walks readers through several Six Sigma sales and marketing projects from start to finish, highlighting the tools, decisions, and results that made them successful. He shows the practical methods managers use to translate process improvement principles to the human world of selling and marketing. With his dual background in sales and marketing management and in quality improvement, Webb speaks clearly to readers in both disciplines. This makes Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way,the indispensible guide for sales and marketing professionals who want to excel in today's business environment, and for quality improvement experts who want to help them.

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About the Book


“Sales and marketing are new frontiers for Six Sigma and Michael’s book provides practical insights for any organization that is considering how to connect their continuous improvement efforts with top line growth and customer satisfaction.”John Biedry, Senior Vice President Continuous Improvement, ServiceMaster

“The name of the game is not to design the sales process around ourselves, but to create customer value. Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way is relevant to all executives who are looking to deliver maximum results internally and externally.”

Gregory T. Deininger, V.P. National Accounts, Marriott
“It isn’t often that I can recommend a Six Sigma book because reducing defects tends to be product-focused and internally-oriented. This book is not only different but better than any other Six Sigma book I’ve ever seen because it actually shows how to use it to increase the value of your relationships and
experiences with your customers. This is the way Six Sigma should be done.”
Paul Greenberg, author of CRM at the Speed of Light

About the Author

Michael J. Webb founded Sales Performance Consultants, Inc., to help business executives make their sales funnels flow faster, and is the foremost expert on sales process improvement. He gave the keynote presentations at the first two conferences ever held on applying Six Sigma to sales and marketing. He has worked with clients such as American Express, 3M, Marriott, and many smaller companies to improve their sales processes and results. He also works with certain sales training firms and CRM firms to help integrate the best selling practices into their client’s sales operations. His website,, contains a wealth of hard-to-find articles and resources on process improvement for marketing and sales organizations.

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