Bionomics: Economy As Ecosystem

Bionomics: Economy As Ecosystem
Publisher: Owl Books
Publication Year: 1995
ASIN: 0805019790
ISBN: 9780805019797

Hailed as a landmark account of how we organize ourselves for work, this wise, experience-tested book looks to nature as the model for how things work in the modern business world. Rothschild's anecdote-rich text challenges traditional thinking with a fresh vision of economics as a self-organizing system that is as natural as life itself.

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Economists from across the political spectrum will have plenty to howl about as a result of this fresh and engaging statement of a new economic theory. Rothschild, a business consultant, lawyer, and MBA, gores all the traditional oxen without favoritism. His theory, which is well presented and well illustrated by example and analogy, uses biology and genetics as a template for the way that economic systems develop. He sees capitalism as the evolutionary result of organisms (businesses, corporations, markets, economies) that seek to preserve themselves through adaptation to environment and “genetic” inheritance of successful characteristics. Bound to be controversial, this book is different from the spate of futurist tomes about the world of tomorrow in a dozen ways, not the least of which is that it is highly enjoyable and absorbing reading. Rothschild’s discussion of biological evolution is worth having in and of itself. An unusual and accessible addition to general and business collections, as well as the social sciences.
– Mark L. Shelton, Columbus, Ohio
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