Billboard Design Thinking Moderator Training: How to start a career as Design Thinking moderator

Billboard Design Thinking Moderator Training: How to start a career as Design Thinking moderator

This book is intended for everybody who is interested in starting and/or pursuing a career as Design Thinking moderator. This book captures knowledge from hundreds of workshops delivered by two moderators who don’t only live on the opposite side of the world (Bernard - Australia / Sean - Austria) but also build their Design Thinking profession on very different foundations. Bernard Shockman is a self employee design thinker in lives in Australia. Sean Mc Guire from Austria works as UX Architect for Microsoft one of the larges tech companies in the world. This book was carefully crafted to capture those two very different views (self-employee / corporate world) and needs when heading for a career in Design Thinking but the one thing that’s common is the Billboard Design Thinking approach both moderators apply successfully for several hundred customer projects all over the world. No matter if you are a proficient moderator or you are new in this domain you will find valuable insights and a complete method including templates, checklists and real case studies to let you explore and understand the Billboard Design Thinking approach. There is no prior knowledge required if you want to start your moderator career! You will find every detailed explained on 523 pages with hundreds of illustration and images from workshops and .If there is one thing we are really keen on than it’s “You beeing successful” as a Design Thinking moderator! You will rarely find a book where moderators will share all their knowledge especially because most moderators think they need to carefully hide and protect their secret success formula. This might let you wonder why would we be keen on sharing our knowledge with you a potential competitor on the job market?And the answer is super simple: there are millions of projects failing all over the world every year. Even if 100.000 moderators take our knowledge and enter the job marked there will still be a huge amount of work for everybody to do. The reality is that less than 50% of all projects are successful and Design Thinking is one of the best ways to ensure successful projects and ensure management will get a proper ROI and investments are protected. We sincerely wish you as moderator much success in live and hope you can find a view takeaways to improve your moderation skills or start a successful Billboard Design Thinking career and help organizations and project teams to deliver successful projects all over the world. Happy Design Thinking. Sean & Bernard - New Years Eve 2020

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