Supercharged Supply Chain; Introduction

This podcast serves as a brief introduction of Supercharged Supply Chain, its mission, and its co-hosts, Ron Liebman and Joseph Paris.  We share with our guests what the mission of Supercharged Supply Chain is and what we hope to deliver in our episodes.

As any supply chain and logistics professional may know, and those who aspire to become supply chain and logistics professionals will come to know, it’s challenging out there. 

Companies need to be able to source and receive the products they need in a reliable manner.  Among almost countless other things, they need to know;

  • The company that makes the products they buy are financially sound 
  • The products they produce pass the quality standards expected
  • The transactions do not run afoul of laws and regulations
  • The products delivery schedules are accurate
  • They are protecting themselves against fraud
  • The paper blizzard and complex processes that are involved
  • The technologies available; both tried-and-true and up-and-coming.
  • And consider the countless other variables and challenges, both risks and opportunities, that exist in creating and managing their supply chains and logistics.

These things, and more, will be topics of discussion in our upcoming podcasts, which we hope to release once per month.  We hope you visit us often and we encourage you to suggest topics for us to cover and offer any feedback to help us continually improve.

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