State of Readiness | Stephan Meyer; Sacred Cows

Give a listen…

My guest today is Stephan Meyer PhD, CEO of Almademey Ltd. I have known Stephen for some years now, he being one of the first professionals when I arrived in Germany over a decade ago. I have always found our conversations quite interesting. Like me, he knows you can’t hit home-runs without the risk of breaking a few windows.

The conversation starts where it always starts, at the beginning. Stephan shares that his father was an electrical engineer and he hoped that Stephan would also become an electrical engineer. But Stephan found himself rather bored with the complicated and gravitated towards the complex (listen or watch the intro for a really elegant explanation for the difference of the two). As such, Stephan gravitated towards psychology.

Stephan shares many highlights of his professional journey, including the journey of researching the subject for his PhD, “Sacred Cows” and how they should be sought in an organization and eliminated. And he also makes the case for the necessity for businesses to face perils and even doom every now and then which would offer the opportunity for a radical change and cleansing purge; to be reborn again better.

All in, a really great session and I believe you will enjoy it. I did…

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