State of Readiness; Aaron Roe – Global Process Owner at Roche

I invite Aaron Roe, presently the Process Owner of Customer Experience at Roche Diabetes Care, as my guest on this episode of “State of Readiness“. This is a really great conversation full of enthusiasm and passion.

Aaron Roe has spent the last 15 years at Roche, holding positions and roles including; Commercial Excellence Director, Business Process Owner for Global Marketing and Customer Experience and various roles in Continuous Improvement, Quality, and Compliance.

For the past seven years, he has also been an Instructor and Course Designer in Lean Principles at Purdue’s College of Engineering.

Aaron started his professional career out of tech school at a small start-up weighing drops of water as part of the testing process for medical devices. His process included queuing 10 devices at a time. One day, a colleague suggested there was a better way; and that better way was queuing three at a time. This proved to be more efficient and Aaron has been infatuated with process improvement ever since.

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