Review & Pictures of the OpEx Society – Abu Dhabi Chapter’s 4th Meeting on June 25th, 2012

The 4th Operational Excellence Society meeting in Abu Dhabi on June 25th, 2012 featured a wide range of industry representation such as: Oil & Energy, Information Technology and Services, Government Administration, Management Consulting, Construction, Investment Management, Government Relations, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, Professional Training & Coaching, Automotive, Health, Wellness and Fitness, Higher Education, Sports, Education Management, Banking, Building Materials, Industrial Automation, Judiciary, Computer Software, Maritime and Telecommunications.

During the meeting Dr Ron Bradfield did a presentation on “The Art Craft & Science of Scenario Planning and Thinking”.  His presentation highlighted that the Future always seems to be at a distance, but comes upon you so suddenly that it catches you by surprise, if not shock.  What constitutes excellence in the future will be significantly different from what it is today.  Application of yesterday’s business solutions to todays’ problems is mindlessness.

The power of scenarios is that it can prepare us by helping:

•       Understand the uncertainties that lie before us and what they mean;

•       Spot them as they begin to unfold;

•       Rehearse our responses to a range of possible futures.

The session ended with two video presentations on Scenario Planning and Consumernomics, followed by healthy discussions. Special thanks to Ron Bradfield, Director of University of Strathclyde Business School for supporting the meeting with the venue. The next meeting is scheduled for September 24th 2012 at the CERT Technology Park. We are looking for potential speakers for the event.  – Review by Lawrence D’Souza of AFOES Consultants, LinkedIn Profile


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