Outliers Inn; On two masks, the Super Bowl, telemetry, and wool

JP and Mule are happy to welcome our guests to the new format at The Outliers Inn. Of course, we will always have an audio-only track of the podcast, but this is the first full video podcast at The Outliers Inn complete with guests.

The video version will only show the hosts, JP and Mule, on camera with the guests being voice only; and we are reminded that the two of them really have faces for radio. And we have changed the recording day and time Saturdays in hopes that others will be able to join who could not normally during the weekday recording sessions we used to do.

Naturally, the conversation starts with the latest COVID-related observations and the seeming perpetual stream of conflicting and unsubstantiated guidance; starting with the ridiculousness of wearing two masks. Seriously, if two are better than one, then three must be better than two, and so on.

John joins us from the UK and shares his recent experiences. In spite of the extreme lockdowns presently in the UK, John has enjoyed an uptick in work (which thankfully keeps him out of the kitchen). He shares with us the peculiarities of traveling to projects and staying in hotels, with the biggest challenge being meals. But he (and his wife) is happy to be out in the field.

Sharmi joins us from Tampa where they are preparing for the Superbowl where she is hoping the hometown favorites, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are triumphant. JP, being a diehard Giants fan, is not a fan of Brady (and Brady is undoubtedly not a fan of the Giants). Mule shares the analysis of quarterback movements based on telemetry that is collected. Sharmi also shares her professional experiences under COVID.

From there, the conversation flows; at one point, Mule shifts topical gears without using the clutch makes the jump to wool being a better insulator than fiberglass.

A really good first edition using the new format.

Give a listen here…

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