Inflation is invading the entire supply chain

The war in Ukraine is exacerbating the rise in energy prices and disruptions to supply chains that have emerged during the pandemic. These two factors will weigh on the evolution of transport prices and logistics costs in general.

Two years after the outbreak of the pandemic, which generated an awareness in Europe of issues concerning strategic independence, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine painfully confirms the diagnosis. In the immediate future, these two major crises will lead to an unprecedented increase in logistics costs, and in particular transport prices. In the longer term, the economic and geopolitical recomposition accelerated by these events will necessarily mean the restructuring of supply chains.


  1. General increase in transport prices
  2. Inflation of production costs
  3. A violent shock for carriers
  4. The vulnerability of the supply chains in question
  5. Threats and opportunities for energy transition
  6. The risk of a decline in demand

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