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XONITEK’s legacy with Exact Software (and Macola Software before that) is long and deep.  Since 1988, XONITEK has been a promoter, implementer, and supporter of the solutions of Exact Software and we will continue to embrace the software solutions of Exact Software into the future.

As such, we will continue to invest in our relationship with Exact Software and in the resources and skill-sets necessary to be the very best resource available to you.  But most importantly, we will strive to continue to be your staunchest advocates in support of all your business endeavors.

Our mission is simply stated: “XONITEK shall be the single most important strategic partner and relationship our clients may have.”

But, to predict the future of XONITEK’s relationship with Exact Software, one must look to the past.  And so, I provide you a brief history of the relationship with Exact Software (and Macola Software before that):

1986;  XONITEK signs with MCBA
Wanting to satisfy the needs of our clients for ERP systems, XONITEK partners with MCBA which had an ERP solution that ran on the VAX from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

1987;  XONITEK signs with Realworld Corporation
Realworld had licensed the code from MCBA to create an accounting and distribution solution to run on PC’s and Novell.  As the logic flow and screens were familiar because of XONITEK’s relationship with MCBA, there was a rapid ramp-up time and our resources could support both applications easily.

1988;  XONITEK signs with Macola Software
Macola Software had also licensed the code from MCBA to port the entire MCBA ERP Solution to run on PC’s and Novell.  As with the solutions from Realworld and MCBA, our ramp-up time was very rapid.  And with the decline of the “mini/mainframes” in favour of PC-based networks – and our focus on manufacturing – our Macola practice grew very swiftly.

By 1990, our relationships with MCBA and Realworld had ceased in favour of Macola Software.  There simply was no need to carry three solutions which were, in fact, virtually identical.

1994-Present; XONITEK is a consistent “Top-VAR” of Macola/Exact Software
XONITEK has consistently been in the “Top-10 VAR” of Macola since 1994 and we continued at this performance-level after Macola Software was acquired by Exact Software in 2001.  Some highlights of the relationship:

– 1996; XONITEK was contracted by Macola South Africa to provide education and training services to the staff and clients of Macola South Africa on implementing and supporting Macola ERP.

– 1997; XONITEK was contracted by Macola to code Standard Product Routing for Macola v7.0 (to the specifications provided by Macola).

– 1997; XONITEK provided guidance to Macola when the international versions of Macola (translations) and multi-currency became required features.  We counseled Macola to use “variables” to display screen names for fields and assisted with the algorithms for evaluating “net gain or loss on exchange”.

– 1998; XONITEK was contracted by Macola South Africa to assist in the implementation of Macola ERP at Ultra-High Pressure, a division of DeBeers located in Springs.

– 2002; XONITEK was the first partner of Exact in North America to fully understand and embrace e-Synergy.  XONITEK proceeded to be the top implementer of e-Synergy for the following years.

– 2007; XONITEK again is a “Top-10 VAR” of Exact Software specifically ranked as the #3 Reseller of Exact Software in North America.

It is important to note is that, during this robust relationship with Exact Software, XONITEK also engaged other providers of ERP solutions.  Solutions such as “Baan”, “Computer Associates InterBiz-MK” and “Navision” came and went for a variety of reasons.  The relationships with these other companies and their ERP solutions were never intended to be a “replacement” to the one we enjoyed with Exact.  But rather, the goal of these relationships was intended to help leverage XONITEK into new marketplaces that we could not penetrate with Exact.

And so it is with our new relationship with SAP and SAP’s Business One solution.

While some market “overlap” between SAP Business One and Exact Macola is to be expected, XONITEK does not see them as being “redundant”.  We will continue to promote and support the solutions of Macola – with the same vigor and capability that has become our hallmark – in the marketplaces where we have a legacy of success.  And we will leverage SAP Business One into marketplaces which could not previously be properly serviced by Exact Macola.

In the end, the goal of XONITEK is to be THE Most Valuable Strategic Partner to our clients.  Whether directly by our core offerings- or indirectly by the vast network of tactical resources at our disposal, XONITEK strives to be in a position to drive real value to all of the initiatives of our clients as they endeavor to achieve their goals.

Our relationship with Exact Software, and now SAP, is designed to do just that.

image001-2Paris is the Founder and Chairman of the XONITEK Group of Companies; an international management consultancy firm specializing in all disciplines related to Operational Excellence, the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there – to pursue “Operational Excellence by Design” and not by coincidence. 

He is also the Founder of the Operational Excellence Society, with hundreds of members and several Chapters located around the world, as well as the Owner of the Operational Excellence Group on Linked-In, with over 25,000 members.

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