Steven Blake

Steven Blake

Steven Blake is a successful principal management consultant residing in Western Canada with a passion for Operational Excellence and delivering exceptional value to organizations. He approaches each situation with a questioning, positive attitude, seeking to curiously explore and uncover options to continuously improve performance while always keeping an open and unbiased mindset.  

Embracing the core values of integrity, humility, innovation and gratitude, Steven is an advocate for leading by example and is often quoted advising that you don’t have to be a leader to lead. He strives to promote a collaborative culture of innovative problem solving and has championed collaboration Network Excellence frameworks for clients.

Steven feels that although Operational Excellence is the never ending pursuit to achieve perfection, he never lets “perfect” get in the way of “good” and applies the 80-20 rule as much as possible. This mindset combined with “fit for purpose” delivery of strategic initiatives sets him apart from the pack.

Blake is the founder and CEO of Synerquest Consulting, a management consulting firm specializing in Management System development, Continuous Improvement, Business Strategy Alignment and Organizational Effectiveness. Engaging with clients in a consultancy capacity to enable transformational change and operational discipline, the firm has many stories of success and value creation with benefits realization for their clients.

With a passion for the outdoors you’ll find him enjoying activities in the nearby Canadian Rockies with cycling, hiking and cross-country skiing being his favourites.

Steven has obtained a degree in Electronic Technology in 1990 followed by a Bachelors of Engineering Sciences at the University of Toronto and is currently pursuing an MBA with the University of Villanova. Along with 25+ years of cross industry experiences supported by additional industry certifications, he is highly valued for his analytical and strategic mindset and ability to spearhead complex business initiatives while defusing sensitive communication issues.

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