Sam Yankelevitch

Sam Yankelevitch

CEO, Xpress Lingo Solutions

Sam is an author, trainer and speaker, whose expertise is focused on the problems organizations are experiencing in the increasingly complexity of the 21st century and the growing need for clear focus, aligned teams and fast response.

Through the adoption of Lean to improve the communication process, Sam is driving new ways for companies to reduce problems caused by the so called “soft” issues.

He has presented at conferences, symposiums and professional group events

In order to get his message out, Sam has authored Lean Potion #9- Communication: The Next Lean Frontier and Lean Communication: Applications for Continuous Process Improvement, where he combines his lean journey and  30 years of global operational experience toward solutions for reducing waste rooted in misunderstandings, a topic which is further developed in his upcoming book Global Lean: Seeing the Waste Rooted in Communication, Distance and Culture is scheduled to publish in the fall of 2016 by CRC Productivity Press.

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