Paul Kohn

Paul Kohn


I have been involved in some way or other in Opreations Excellence for my entire career which spans stints on the factory floor, human resources, facilities, IT and of course Management.  I have spent the last 10 years focussing in on the people side, what it takes to get people to move in a new direction and going back to fundamentals – the roots of all of the popular programs of the day.  Operations Excellence is a challenging and very rewarding journey that impacts people and their journeys in a very tangable and meaningful way.  These days I help people to think differently about their organization and their place in that organization.  In my current role I am focussing on building a culture of Continuous Improvement that focusses on understanding and providing value to our customers and eliminating waste in all its forms across the organization.

While I still consult, write and speak internationally, I have also joined Tesla Motors in Fremont Callifornia to help “Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transportation”

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