Gretchen Lubbe

Gretchen Lubbe

Content Editor, Social Media Engagement, Conference Coordinator

Gretchen Lubbe was born as a forward thinking, free-spirited Aquarius and subsequently raised on the obscure outskirts of a democracy-latent South Africa. Gretchen completed her tertiary education from the University of South Africa (UNISA) with majors in Philosophy and Religious Studies. Now, a passionate freelance Academic researcher & writer, Content Editor and Internet Marketer, Gretchen spends her days pursuing excellence in any place that does not resemble your average office. She currently contributes to the Opex Society by editing/improving website content, promoting on various social media platforms and assisting with event coordination.

Beyond her computer and internet-savvy skills, Gretchen is a talented classical, acoustic and electric guitar player with a love of water sports. Permanently in love with the Mother City of Cape Town, South Africa, she currently resides in Pretoria where she is pursuing her dreams that include execution of her masterplan – always contemplating the ways of the world in an attempt to better it on the path to an ever-improving freelancing career.

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