Frederick Fladmark

Frederick Fladmark

Frederick’s passion organisations and teams become more effective and adaptable. Frederick helps organisations implement their strategy in order to help meet their executive goals. He does this through utilizing principles of intention-based leadership. He facilitates strategy implementation, while also improving decision-making culture and and building high-performance teams.

Frederick calls on his experience as a military intelligence officer where he learnt practical leadership skills and the operational implementation of strategy.

Frederick’s approach – Intention Based Leadership

Many businesses now operate in ever-changing and complex environments. In order to cope many businesses must go from being efficient to being adaptable.

Towards an effective solution

Frederick believes the best solution is to learn from the best. Take their strongest and most suitable parts and implement them into your business.

Contemporary modern day militaries are some of the best at adapting to complex and dynamic environments. They have developed by necessity of the operating on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Frederick’s approach is to take the most suitable parts from modern military organisations and implement them in your business.

The benefits can help your business adapt and thrive in complex environments. This will help you become more adaptable and effective. It is also creates a much for fun and motivating place to work!

Frederick believes most organisations can significantly improve their effectiveness by understanding their ‘mission’ and applying simple principles around clarity, alignment and confidence.

Areas of specialism include:

·         Organizational decision-making

·         Strategy implementation

·         Developing high performance teams

·         Leadership development

Frederick’s Background

Frederick left the Norwegian Armed Forces in 2017 as a Captain. Here he served as a Military intelligence officer.

Frederick has also led and trained teams of Military intelligence analysts in support of operational battlefield commanders and strategic decision makers.

He has supported NATO Special Operation Forces in the urban jungle of Kabul, Afghanistan and led soldiers in extreme arctic winter conditions.

Before joining the Norwegian Armed Forces in 2010. Frederick worked as Financial Futures Trader. From 2003-2007 Frederick studied Economics & Politics at the University of Edinburgh (MA with Hons).

Outside Work

Frederick has a passion for health and well-being and the great outdoors. Frederick takes advantage of being based in Norway. His hobbies include cross-country skiing, running and crossfit and mountain walking.

Frederick has developed an addiction for pushing his body while being in the army. He enjoys taking part in Ski marathons like the Birkebeinerrennet. He also enjoys Ice bathing in Norwegian winter fjords. (if that is possible to enjoy!?)

Frederick is inspired by… working with others to design and improve teams and organisations.

Favorite quotation… Victory awaits him who has everything in order, luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time, this is called bad luck. ― Roald Amundsen

If he could be superman for the day he would… he would ”Remove all the rubbish from the world’s seas…then return to beat my personal best for the Birkebeinerrennet ski marathon!”


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