David K. Schneider

David K. Schneider

Provocative, educated, experienced, opinionated, David Schneider encourages people to think critically, to explore the limits of conventional wisdom and boldly deliver new ideas and approaches, to solve challenging logistics problems.

With over 25 years of boots on the ground to the boardroom experience, David’s depth and breadth of practical knowledge in supply chain logistics, engineering, management and proven success is unequaled by most in the profession.  He developed the strategy and design for thousands of supply chains.  No really!!! 

Working for Fortune 500 companies, David designed and led the operations of a complex logistics networks.  As an external consultant, he led complex strategic planning projects in over 50 different companies.  As an internal consultant, he developed effective supply chain strategies that multiplied Operating Cash Flow.

David is a practitioner.  As prolific writer, David clearly presents his analysis of successes and failures in the industry to identify ways to improve.  David’s articles appear in many business and trade publications including Supply Chain Digest, Food Logistics, Logistics Management, and in Supply Chain Management web site We Are the Practitioners, which he founded in 2011.

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