Cindy Allen-Stuckey

Cindy Allen-Stuckey

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer

Cindy Allen-Stuckey, founder and Chief Strategy Execution Officer for Making Performance Matter (MPM), partners with executives, leaders, and teams for one purpose—to achieve sustainable high performance. She does this by translating their plans and strategies into action. This ensures that they ACTUALLY REACH their goals and have sustainable high performance.

Cindy provides coaching, facilitation and training, and speaking to a broad range of industries throughout the world, including Fortune 500 companies, small- to medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs. She has over 25 years of senior leadership experience in global organizations where she developed and implemented solutions that grew their businesses to the next level. Cindy is the founder of the program: Stop the Strategy/Execution Gap and author of Performance Reviews Are Never Enough: Now Develop Your People.

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