Charles Ottman

Charles Ottman

Website and Learning Platform Development

Charles has been at this computer stuff since first stumbling across a DEC LA36  that was attached to a PDP 11/70 sometime around 1977-1978 when his middle school class was temporarily relocated to the local high school due to a major reconstruction project.   Given that there was only one of these terminals available access was quite limited with priority given to the high school students, but this was all it took to get him hooked.   When the construction was finished his class was moved out of the high school and back to the shiny new middle school but there were no computers to be found.   He managed to convince his parents to get the family a Bally Astrocade because it was actually possible to get a cartridge for it to program in BASIC and he spent far to many hours learning the slightly odd little dialect of Tiny BASIC.

He eventually got access to the PDP 11/70 once he entered high school and has subsequently used numerous computers and operating systems throughout the years.

Having used  the early Apple ][, the Northstar Horizon, and IBM XT, he was exposed to some of the earliest personal computer operating systems, DOS 3.3 on the Apple, CP/M on the Nortstar and MS-DOS on the IBM XT.   As time passed MS-DOS moved up through its various versions and eventually evolved into MS-Windows.  He’s since went on to use all the versions of MS-Windows, Mac OS X, a few flavors of UNIX, and various Linux distributions settling on Ubuntu for daily-driver use at home.

Charles is a collector of some of these old machines as well and still has his original Apple //e and the Bally Astrocade.  He also has some Commodore and Atari equipment as well.  If he had the room he’d like to add a few vintage arcade machines to his collection but manages to get by with the occasional trip to his local arcade and via emulation on modern PC or Raspberry Pi.

Currently he’s running Windows 10 on a few machines so as to be able to manage the office network and MSSQL server.   He knows various versions of BASIC, PASCAL, FORTRAN, COBOL, MS-SQL and enough C and PHP to be dangerous.   He’s been in charge of the this website since its inception as well as those of,, and where he does double duty as the recording engineer/producer of the podcast found therein.

When not working with computers in a professional capacity he can be found still messing around with computers, crazy huh?, listening to his myriad music collection or attending a live concert, reading, cooking, enjoying a glass of his favorite red wine, or cycling.

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